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Why Take Your Bullet Journal Digital


Digital journaling can be very inexpensive or even free if you choose the right apps. They can also be costly depending on what features you’d like to add on. From the software to templates and even stickers there is a wide variety of options for every digital journal need.

When looking for ideas online you will find that most Digital Bullet Journal users promote various apps. You will see GoodNotes, KeyNote, Pages and Procreate, to name just a few of the products available.

You do not have to be an iPad or Apple user to digitally journal. Products are available for  PC and Android also! There is no need to get discouraged. There are products that suit everyone’s needs these days.

Getting started from the blank template can take a little time, but setting up your journal in the beginning will make the task of daily updating so much easier! There are a few pages you need to make use of. These include:

  • Title Page/ Cover/ Year
  • Index Page
  • Key or Guide to symbols you are using
  • Daily View
  • Monthly View
  • Future

Most journal templates come as a customizable set with many add-on pages available. Almost all are able to be customized with color, images, drawings and links to make them more personal to your needs.

If you have ever had a personal journal you will find digital journaling very easy and a bit more convenient. Items including correcting errors, adding hotlinks, and copy/paste make most users very happy. Being able to add in hotlinks can keep items you wish to shop for just a click away and make vacations very easy to book! You can even hotlink your reading list right there as digital books so you can pick up a new read in seconds when you are ready to move on to your next book.

No more lugging around a journal in your purse or side bag. You can access your journal from multiple devices you already carry! This is very helpful in case you misplace your phone or tablet during the day. Everyone forgets something in the rush to get out the door – but VERY seldom do we forget our smartphone.

You can start new journals each year, but still have the historical data there to look back on. Almost all journal software now have text searchable capabilities! Being able to search through your entries is one of the best reasons to go digital with your bullet journal. What a time saver this small feature is.

With digital journals you can easily add in pages in the middle as needed – not messing up your journal structure at all. It usually just takes a couple of clicks or swipes to put a new page in where you need it.  You can create a new format, copy a previously used format, or start with a blank page.

Making your journal “yours” is super easy. You no longer have to have a journal that looks like everyone else’s in the office. With certain software you can import your own cover designs, use photos, and pick your own colors and fonts.

Navigation in a digital bullet journal is easier than ever. For example, in GoodNotes you can just click on the page number in your index and you will be taken there. Bookmarks are also available to ease your searches. Even your handwritten entries can be searched in some of the better journal programs like GoodNotes. In other software, like Notability, you can scroll through pages instead of swiping. The choices available are endless!

No longer will there be a need to worry about accidents with fire, water or the dog eating your journal – it can now be stored in “the cloud” safe from all physical dangers. Having the ability to sync your journal across multiple devices is a game changer for sure!

You’re doing well for the environment by going paperless when you start using a digital bullet journal. No more stacks of pages that had errors or bottles of Whiteout needed.

Having all your content digital means no more notes to fall out of your journal – items you may have jotted down on napkins and thrown in between pages, contacts’ business cards and directions – now everything is secure in your digital pages.

Journals are password protected for security, but some software takes this even further allowing you to password protect individual entries. No one would want their private journal to fall into the wrong hands; this makes your journaling experience more freeing. The feeling that you do not have to worry if a co-worker flips through a couple pages of your journal while you take a break is in itself comforting.

You have the ability with a digital journals to build your stories with video and audio. Save keynotes from a training event or your kids voices singing you happy birthday – there are no limits here either!

Choices of templates are endless for your journal. You can find ideas on PinterestEtsyYouTubeInstagram and many other locations.

Weekly and monthly reviews are a breeze with a digital journal. You can now copy and paste items that did not get completed or easily delete items that are no longer relevant. A good tip is to highlight items as they become more or less important. You can enter in recurring times easily  as well.

You are unrestricted when using a digital journal. You are no longer locked into someone else’s designed planner. You can add in pages that are important to you – maybe a bird watching list or schedule for your son’s soccer game. You want to track the things that are important to you!

You do not have to be an artist. Don’t get intimidated by all the pretty artsy journals you will find online. Remember, your digital bullet journal is to keep YOU on track. The whole reason to have a digital journal is ease of use. Some folks will want to go out and make their journals really beautiful with varied scripts, fonts, quotes, etc. Others may have 4 pages of a personal journal each day and other just need to remember to buy eggs and mail a holiday card. There is no right or wrong way to keep your journal – there is only YOUR way.

Keeping a bullet journal, for years, has been one of the best ways to stay focused, improve habits, and take a real look at where you have been; so you can make better decisions to move forward to where you want to be. This activity should not be cumbersome. In fact, for you to be successful at keeping a bullet journal it needs to be efficient. Going digital is the absolute easiest way to make this happen.

Resources available to get you started are Ryder Carroll’s book, the Bullet Journal Method or you can watch YouTube videos on how to use the system. Truly, it is the least difficult system to adapt to and it helps you achieve a lot of productivity.

So, if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet or digital pen – give digital bullet journals a try. You might find that you like having that orderly list to guide you along your way each day. There is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than to look back and see how productive that day was!

Happy Journaling my friends!

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