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Why Switch To Digital Planning?


Normally, everything we enjoy in life begins with just a plan. However, how you handle your plans is all that matters. The majority of people today utilize their computers and phones to make a plan for their daily activities digitally. You may be a hardcore paper planner but surely days are moving and everything is evolving. So, in this age of technological development, switching from paper to digital planning can be a very wise decision to make. A lot of people are now using digital planning. Why? There are remarkably many benefits of going digital. This article has put together FIVE reasons why you ought to consider diving into digital planning:

1. Portability

You can digitally plan on your iPad which is can be an easier way to carry about compared to a heavy paper planner. On top of that, if you an iPhone instead, you can be in a position to view your planner on it as well. And, the best thing is that you’ll never go without your phone meaning you’ll always have your planner with you! If you’re utilizing GoodNotes 4, you can have a video on your tutorial page which shows you how to access your planner right from the phone. Now when you’re out and about and a person asks if you’ll be available on a specific day, you don’t need to tell them that you’ll check your planner when you get home then let them know. Instead, you can simply pull out your digital planner, check right then & there!

2. High Levels of Customization

They say that the sky is the limit. This is actually true when it comes to customization with digital planners. Here, you have the capacity to add pages, pictures, stickers, text boxes and many more. Perhaps, one of the things you love doing is to go on Instagram to check the tagged photographs on your digital planning account and see how you-all is utilizing the digital planners. Usually, it’s so great as no 2 ever appear the same. In other words, you can customize your digital planner to meet your requirements! Furthermore, you can modify how you utilize your planner each day, week or even month if you like to. Sometimes you may feel as if a weekly spread is going to work for you and then other days are too busy and you require a whole spread devoted to simply that day. You can offer numerous customizable inserts within your Etsy shop which you can utilize in your planner anyhow you require to.

3. Less Waste

There are pretty many things which all of us can do in order to be sensitive to the mother nature. Accordingly, using fewer papers is one of these things. So, digital planners happen to be less wasteful in comparison to paper planners. This is because we aren’t having to cut the trees down to create digital planners. Furthermore, we aren’t throwing the digital planners away after they get “used up” – which of course, your digital planners are never outdated meaning you can utilize them again and again!

4. Utilize Digital Tools for Recurring Tasks, Events, and Timely Reminders

For anything which needs a reminder for it to get completed on time, then digital is what you need. It’s more efficient and it comes only to you. Thus, you don’t need to depend on your mind to attend an event or to get your things done. Moreover, this is the ideal strategy for any crucial recurring events. Instead of memorizing to rewrite these events or tasks every month or week, you can simply fill them once into a calendar or task manager, set them to keep on repeating and appreciate the convenience of frequent reminders.

Imagine you’re having a board meeting programmed in two weeks and you discover that you’ll need to make a handout the day before. If you’re utilizing a handcrafted planner set-up, possibilities that you’ll not even have made any pages yet. You could create a note elsewhere although you’d need to remember to finally transfer it. You might not experience this predicament if you utilize a pre-printed planner yet you still can’t program things which are out of range of your planner, and that’s simply plain annoying.

5. Simple To Keep Neat

Did you ever cringe when you have to scrape something out in your planner since a date changed or you spelt something wrong? Ok, having digital planning, you got the capacity to delete mistakes, re-size handwriting which is excessively big, and draw excellent circles. Actually, all the things which you’re unable to do on a paper planner, the digital planner has got you covered. Really, you’ll love opening up your digital planner to see how organized and neat it looks.

6. Cost Effective

Commercial paper planners have started costing over $50 and that’s only for one year! Digital planners’ costs go between $15 to $25 having the option of purchasing add-on inserts and you only need to purchase it once! Because it’s undated, you can utilize as long as you can! Now, this sounds like a great win in your book.

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