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What Is A Digital Bullet Journal? Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Are you struggling to get organized and unable to find a planner that encompasses all your needs in life?

On the go lifestyles can make it difficult to be carrying around dozens of planners, notebooks, and paperwork but- there is a solution!

Digital bullet journals are a convenient way to carry all of your information with you in an organized way.

Continue reading to learn about what this journal is and all of its capabilities that you might be missing out on!

Digital Bullet Journal Common Questions

Bullet journaling is a new way of organizing that can be fun and is personalized only to you. There are an endless amount of topics you can put in your journal, making it convenient to do whatever you want!

Below are some common questions and answers that will help you decide if getting a digital bullet journal is the right choice for you.

1. What Is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journaling is whatever you want it you be.

Dotted and blank journals work well when you are trying to put all of your thoughts on a page. Bullet Journaling is a great way to stay organized and has many other benefits.

Journaling can help you stay on track of your goals and set expectations on yourself that you will be reminded of. The whole point of bullet journaling is to improve the quality of your life.

Many people use journaling as a way of meditating because it is beneficial to their mental health. It gives people the chance to take back control of their lives and focus on the present.

Bullet journaling has been shown to help increase mental health by reducing stress, managing anxiety, and coping with depression.

2. Why Choose Digital Bullet Journals over Notebooks?

There are many reasons to choose a digital bullet journal over a standard notebook. One of the most obvious reasons is that it is better for the environment. About 2.47 million trees in the world are cut down every day.

Physical bullet journals require a lot of paper to be made. Going paperless gives you the opportunity to help the environment and also have a lot less to carry around.

Besides helping the environment, digital bullet journals allow you to be more creative. If you make a mistake it is easy to fix with the “undo” button. You can also choose a variety of colors without having to spend money on a bunch of pens!

Choosing to get a digital journal will save you time and money compared to a standard bullet journal. Digital Bullet Journals are convenient and give the chance for someone to be more creative. Mainly because they don’t have to worry about throwing an entire page away every time they make a mistake or misspell a word.

3. What Are Good Apps for Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journaling becomes a lot easier when technology is involved. There are a variety of bullet journal apps that you can download on your phone, tablet, or computer. Many have a free version that you can upgrade to personalize your journal even more.

  • Day One
    • If you are looking for an easy to use phone application, this is a good option. Day One app isn’t free but is great for people who are serious about journaling. Day One utilizes text, images, location, weather, tagging, and social media to help you produce your journal entries.
  • Diaro
    • Diaro is one of the best free options for bullet journaling. It has DropBox capabilities, you can speed search items, and also tag words and people. You can use this app as a diary, journal, and even take notes with it- making it a great choice for students.
  • Momento
    • Momento is a great app if you always have a long to-do list. This is a more traditional journaling app that can give you a good visual of your day, week or month. Momento uses your appointments, reminders, and lists to help remind you of upcoming events, making this a great option for your busy lifestyle.
  • Journey
    • This digital bullet journal has a free option that is easy to use and convenient. You can use this on both your computer and mobile phone making it easier to use the more advanced settings. This is a great bullet journal app that lets you upload files, pictures, and even weather information.
  • Noteshelf
    • Noteshelf is an excellent choice for students and those that are constantly taking notes. On this app, you can take notes, record a lecture, format text, and annotate PDF files. Noteshelf also has plenty of bullet journal templates to help get you started.

With the variety of digital journals that you can download, there are endless opportunities for you. You may find that not all apps will accomplish for focus on your needs but there are plenty of other options.

Check out some of the amazing bullet journal apps that we have compiled into a list for you to help you find the journal that fits your life.

4. Best Uses for Digital Bullet Journaling

You can do just about anything with a bullet journal. Many people go online to look for page ideas and templates when first starting there journal. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to get you started…

  • Habit tracking
    • Within your journal, you can create pages that track how much money, time, and energy you spent on a habit. You can also keep a note of days gone without habit and get a good view of how far you’ve gone.
  • Goal setting
    • Making short term and long term goals have never been easier. You can format your goal pages however you would like, as long as they help encourage you to keep working towards them.
  • To do lists
    • bullet journals are great for making to-do lists. Having a digital bullet journal gives you the option to attach things on your list with your calendar making every step organized
  • Weight management
    • Tracking your weight and food intake each day is a common use of bullet journals. You can even include pages with motivational tips, pictures, and healthy recipes.
  • Planner
    • If you can never find a planner that you like at the store a bullet journal is the perfect option for you. Using your pages as a planner can help make you more organized and keep you from forgetting any appointments or deadlines.
  • Movies and books
    • Another use of your bullet journal can be to record all of the books, movies, and TV shows that you want to watch or read. You can add to the list at any time and cross them off once you completed them. This is a great page idea for people who always struggle to find something to watch on TV.
  • Gratitude lists
    • Creating a section in your bullet journal to record all of the things and people you are grateful for can be uplifting and have a positive impact on your mood. It is easy to overlook things in life, with this journal prompt you can easily view how fulfilling your life really is.

The bullet journal that you create is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way of doing it as long as it can help your quality of life or mental health. Many people turn bullet journaling into a hobby because they enjoy it so much and find it therapeutic.

Many people recommend that you number your pages and create an index at the beginning or end of your journal. Doing this will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Check out some more common bullet journal ideas that you can get started on.

Time to Get Organized

Beginning your bullet journal is a start to a new hobby and a more organized and complete life! Journaling lets you track progress, brainstorm ideas, focus on gratitude, and so much more.

Sitting down each day with a coffee or tea and your digital journal is a satisfying routine that you can include in your life. Having this journal will keep you on track for your smallest and biggest goals in life.

With as many apps and options, you are sure to find a fit for you. The ideas on page prompts are endless because your journal is a blank canvas. Using your creativity and organization has never been so relaxing or rewarding.

Get started on your digital bullet journal with some of our great beginners’ tips!

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