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What Are Some of The Best Digital Planning Apps?


1. TeuxDeux

This tool may not be so much popular but it’s very unique, simple and powerful. It may come very close to appearing like a conventional planner while yet being digital. The tool is pretty simple and straightforward to use. It lets you see all your assignments for the following five days. Also, you can simply drag tasks about. This way, it’s very comparable to having a weekly column design physical planner right in front of you. At its bottom, you can create other lists like the things you require to do in a certain day or a grocery list or anything else. You can name these lists there, meaning they can be anything you want. There’s a one-month free trial, though you have to pay a little monthly fee following that. You can find phone Apps which sync up.

2. Cozi.com

Cozi is actually free (having a premium variant option). The only thing you utilize it for is with grocery lists. However, you might discover an app that does grocery lists as well. It’s ultra-easy to change between stores, append new items, check them off, and you will love the fact that you can add headings within your lists too. Plus, it syncs across media for several users. In this manner, both you and your spouse can be able to add things onto the list.

3. Things

This tool is for ios and Mac only. Nevertheless, it’s very powerful. Also, it’s a real program and not something that you log into on an internet browser. It has been existing for a while. There’s a free trial although after you have paid a one-time charge of $49.99 for this program. Even though that may sound like it’s a lot, you just need to pay a single time for life. It comes with projects and tasks and every other good stuff. Nonetheless, the biggest disadvantage you can get is that its design isn’t really as modern as a few of the other applications and it appears maybe a bit too powerful.

4. ZenDay for Android and iOS

This App is great for productivity. Are you a person who requires an account of all the daily to-dos prior to you beginning plugging away? Or, do you profit from a handy, but pretty tool? If so, then ZenDay happens to be the Application for you. Having a calming and a flowing timeline, you can be able to zero in on the first task, but again see what you require to concentrate on next. Just like the name suggests, ZenDay is intended to assist foster a touch of zen when approaching your assignment list. The interface of this App is unique, including a 3D screen which scrolls while you do your tasks.

The App further comes with a color-coding functionality, which turns almost overdue items a distinctive color, helping you zero in on the priority items then get hooked up at a flash. The best part?…ZenDay is going to automatically reschedule the “floating tasks.” This App includes a debriefing feature which is another big plus. It provides you with an account of how properly you’ve done tasks on time of late and give you a productivity grade if you’ll.

5. AwesomeCalendar for iOS

This one is ideal for taking notes meaning that for enthusiastic note-takers, this app is all for you. AwesomeCalendar combines calendar events, notes, color-coding plus your nearby weather forecast, all in a single important tool. You can also add photos & stickers to specific events: For example a Starbucks cup to a coffee date, an aeroplane for your next trip, or a colorful clothesline for marking laundry day. Adding photos & stickers to particular events is an amazing organizational tool. Further, it’s fun not forgetting that sharing various events with other users is a snap too.

This Application is harmonious with a lot of other calendar Applications such as iCloud, Google Calendar, MobileMe, Yahoo! Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Outlook and more. Following a change in AwesomeCalendar, it’s effortlessly noticeable in your other calendar Applications. A few goes when you cause a change in, suppose, your Google Calendar. This App shows this event as well. You can additionally check the weather through AwesomeCalendar. This is a plus for those who often find themselves out & about and particularly having no umbrella.


After reading this article, you have all the reasons to switch to great digital planning. You can’t let all the above benefits leave you behind. Additionally, you also have a list of the apps and tools that can help you when you make the ultimate decision to go digital. So, just think it over because you should transition to the new world!

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