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Using Colored Text in your Digital Bullet Journal


Using Colored Text in your Digital Bullet Journal is a great way to express feelings over time. Every culture has its own meanings for individual colors – you can choose whatever meaning you feel fits your personality. Color can communicate feelings non-verbally from the page to the reader.

Think about this – If a person chooses to wear a blue shirt –can that indicate one of the following:

Do they just love the color blue?

Were they feeling at peace that morning when dressing?

Maybe they do not wish to “stand out” in a meeting

Or is there just a dress code at work?

Each of these items can relate to just one color. You can use color in your digital bullet journal to not only make items stand out – but to convey non-verbal feelings to your text.

The Meaning of Colors

Red – Red is loud, stands out, is the color of love, passion, flames, and blood. It relays the feeling of power, energy, ambition, and determination.

You can mark items needing attention in red. Items you have accomplished and things you do not want to forget would be good in red as well. Powerful affirmations and quotes will stand out more if written in red bold text.

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Orange – The color orange naturally combines the strong energy of reds and joy/happiness of yellow. Orange is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. It conveys enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

A perfect color for your smiley faces, for graphs that are moving upward and sunny flowers or sunrises sketched on pages of you digital bullet journal

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Yellow – Yellow is a cheerful color! In the study of color psychology Yellow is the color of intellect and of the mind. In some cultures it also can reflect cowardice, criticism and even impatience.

Yellow is a great highlight color to use in your digital bullet journal and does well in pie charts.

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Green –The color green can mean many things. It is known for symbolizing money, greed, ambition, even jealousy. But on the other side, green can indicate nature, the environment, energy, renewal, freshness, harmony, fertility and life.

In your digital bullet journal you can use the color green in your budget, to log outdoor activities, meditation time and even your recycling goals.

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Blue – Blue typically indicates water on the uplifting side, but also can indicate sadness, gloomy, downcast or a heavy heart.

Blue in your digital bullet journal can go either way – But if you kayak or fish it is always a joyful color and a good one to use for activities, poetry, and other soulful entries. Rainy days can be noted in blue and days you feel sad you can use noted blue items.

To understand the color blue

Indigo – This darker shade of blue indicates loyalty and honor. Wisdom and service are often associated with the color indigo.

Your deep thoughts can be noted in indigo. Those things that mean the most to you, like good advice from a friend or peer can be reflected in this color.

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Purple – Purple is the color of luxury and nobility. Often associated with power, ambition and extravagance, the color purple can also represent pride, mystery, independence and magical moments!

Using purple in your journal will not only brighten your spirits, but logging your savings and items in your budget you could feel more empowered to meet your goals. Another great place to use purple would be in travel plans and for your “Bucket List”

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Turquoise –  Turquoise is the color of the seas of the southern Caribbean. This color is associated with calm, serenity, wholeness and patience. Often used in a feminine manor referring to spiritual grounding, intuition and wisdom.

Checking off your daily devotionals or meditation is one good use for turquoise.  Noting items in your daily, weekly or monthly reflections would also be a good choice.

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 Pink – Pink is a fun color that can represent being silly, girly and love. Pink is playful, cute, romantic and tender. Pink is perfect for jotting down sweet memories in your digital journal.

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Magenta – Magenta reflects a sense of balance and universal harmony. Some say the color magenta evokes feelings of compassion, kindness, cooperation, and contentment.

Using magenta in your journal will evoke the positive nature of this color. Volunteer hours can be checked off and logged and special notes on friends/ family will reflect well in magenta.

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Brown – Brown is an earth color. Shades of brown show stability, grounding, or growth.  Brown can represent fertility, approachability, security and protection. Many find comfort in the color brown.

Brown is a good color to use in your journal for items that help you feel grounded. Addresses, exercise activities, and even meal plans are good ideas to post in brown.

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Gray – No, not 50 shades of… Gray is not black or white; it is the color of compromise. Gray can be emotionless and moody, but can also represent a cool neutral feeling. Gray is impartial and can be associated with being dull.

Maybe not your favorite color to use in your journal, but it can find it’s place on rainy or troubling days.

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Silver – Silver is not as dull as grey and not as wealthy as gold. Silver can represent prestige and wealth, moon & stars, or Hollywood and the “silver screen”.  Fun when mixed in your journal with pink!

To understand more about the color silver

Gold – To no surprise gold represents success.  Extravagance comes to mind when the color gold is used. Gold is a color of quality, prosperity, luxury, material wealth, courage, glitz & glamour.

Gold is a great color to mark your achievements, anniversaries, completion of tasks and more. Add some sparkle to your journal using metallic pens!

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White – White is the color of purity. White is innocent, complete and perfect.

Unless you use a colored background, white is your journal will be impossible to see. Consider using colored backgrounds where you want to use this color in your journal.

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Black – Black is the absence of color – yet it brings depth and variation to all other colors. The color black evokes fear, mystery, or sophistication. Black brings out the sense of the unknown and hidden which can also show aggression or rebellion.

We all use black in our journals. Standard text is always black and white. When making special entries in your digital bullet journal and you want those items to stand out using stronger fonts in bold and italic will help.

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Now that you have learned more about the meaning of colors, add a few into your digital journals. You no longer have to carry handfuls of markers, crayons, and pens. Changing fonts and colors in your text is as easy as a click or two!

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