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17 Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking Over Traditional Scrapbooking


Throughout the years, digital scrapbooking has steadily grown into a fully-developed niche; one that is able to be viewed as a viable alternative to traditional scrapbooking. Unlike traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking has a lot of advantages. For this reason, every art enthusiast should opt for this. However, why digital over the traditional scrapbooking?

1. Clean and Tidy

With all of the supplies stored on your PC, you don’t require to physically go through every one of your paper, punches, ribbon or even other embellishments that you may have lying about. There will be no concerns about leaving a project partly completed and also being in a place where a little one can mess it up or the dog eats it. You don’t require to get supplies out on the dining room table just to put them away later so you can serve dinner. Only be certain to click save and also don’t leave your PC screen where any person can unintentionally delete the work. Another advantage besides with this is you’ll find more opportunities to work on your pages minus minding about the time or hassle of setting up before & cleaning up after.

2. Saves Space

To some traditional scrappers, really, the idea was any person who dies with the majority of supplies wins. Now, setting aside a permanent room, corner, annex or basement for your supplies meant a way to defeat your spouse at their game of gathering tools. The real space needed in digital scrapbooking is only for your computer, printer and scanner. The other “space” needed is the size of the hard drive within your computer. Numerous digital scrappers are happy because digital scrapbooks are simply like any other book. With it, no heavy pages packed with ribbons and buttons.

3. Saves Money

Suppose you already have a computer. The price of software like Adobe Photoshop Elements ranges between $80 to $100. Digital scrapbook sets normally go for about $5.00 – $15.00 and have plenty of paper plus embellishments included. Again, the same in physical paper plus embellishments go for about $20 – $35 and are “consumable” which means that after you utilize them, they are finished. Digital kits can be utilized again and again to your heart’s content. After you understand how to utilize the digital scrapbooking software, it’s not difficult to make your own supplies in case you feel adventuresome.

4. It Saves Time

Just like in all things digital, you’ll realize that there are several ways scrapbooking digitally can save you time. If you are really lazy or even think you can’t combine 2 elements minus destroying something, you can purchase pre-created pages having spaces to put your journaling and photos. After this, just drag then drop your pictures onto the page. Printing your pictures prior to putting them into your scrapbook pages is no longer required. Simply download your digital camera pictures into your PC.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time moving from one store to the next in search of the ideal color paper to much with your Easter dress of your daughter. Shopping the Web is quicker or you can make your own paper. Additionally, this eliminates those unnecessary two-year-old tantrums within the paper aisle of the neighborhood store.

5. Waste Proof

Naturally, digital scrapbooks are waste proof. You can actually re-use any digital scrapbook component any number of times as you want. No more purchasing additional paper to bypass running out of a specific color or pattern. No more storing mountains of extra paper scraps. Imagine beginning each brand-new project using a totally brand-new scrapbook kit. Having digital scrapbooking, you can.

6. Simpler In Sharing

Besides being a time saver, a digital scrapbook can be shared so simply in very many ways. You just print several copies of your finished books then share with your family. Upload pages to the family blog. Email pages to your relatives wherever they are. Utilize the same digital template for various photos.

7. Mistake-Proofing Ability

The most valuable things in your scrapbooks are the photos. So why take the risk of butchering them by scissors. Having digital scrapbooking, you won’t worry about ruining the only photograph you have of your Great Grandpa. All you need to do is to scan it and make several copies of it as you need. Resize then crop as numerous times as you would like. If that isn’t enough, Back up some steps using the Undo functionality or start over. Have you ever placed a sticker on a page and didn’t really like it? Ok well, it’s usually stuck on the page already. Digital scrapbooking lets you experiment with a number of likely combinations till you get it exactly the way you like it.

8. Photo Manipulation

Restore vintage photographs making them resemble as if they are brand-new. Take current photographs and intentionally make them appear aged. Extract the red eye in that otherwise great candid shot. Remove the ugly facial blemishes or too much sweat to make the face glisten. Crop, tint, enlarge, age — there are very diverse options to create your photos even more engaging, you’ll be completely amazed. Photos you imagined were hopeless are provided with a new life.

9. Archival Quality

Remember when all had to be acid-free? First of all, it was the paper, later the sheet covers, the inks and the glue. Later there came the embellishments. Well, were they free of acid as well? Wait for a second… having digital scrapbooking, all are free of acid as there’s no glue or ink to blend with your photographs. Everything is saved digitally either on your PC hard drive or on DVDs or CDs. Print as numerous copies as you require as regularly as you like. This isn’t only archival, but keeping additional copies of your photographs digitally in a fire-proof safe or into a second physical place is the best way to protect against your keepsakes being damaged by a disaster like a fire.

10. Trendiest

Scrapbook paper makers utilize designers to make a brand-new line of items. Then they make a decision on the kind of designs continue into production. Subsequently, retail purchasers decide the amount of the line to take in their stores. By the moment you get around to shopping, you’ll be lucky if the commodity is in stock and in the right color. Digital paper isn’t restricted by any of the above. There’s an abundance of online purveyors of digital scrapbook outfits and there’s no waiting for the commodity to hit the store. New designers don’t have to have a huge company behind them to trade their own designs. You get the trendiest designs and they are assured to perpetually be in stock.

11. Unlimited Styles

With traditional scrapbooking, you’re restricted by whatever paper you can get in your neighborhood store or on the Internet. Even then, you may find a pattern that you like but at times the color isn’t very right. Not an issue having digital scrapbooking. It’s so simple to change the paper color from one hue to the other so you can constantly match your daughter’s Easter dress well.

12. It Makes Anyone a Professional

So what if your handwriting normally looks as poor as a physicians prescription. PC fonts make you appear like a professional calligrapher. On top of that, there’s no responsibility, so in case you misspelled a specific word during your journaling, you’ll be free to correct it minus messing up your layout. Always, cropped photos have great edges and the text is normally straight. By utilizing a computer in scrapbooking, it brings out the actual artist within you when you don’t need to mind about making errors.

13. Flexibility

You can try to do this task: Take a bit of pattern paper then add a photo. Now attach a few ribbon and journaling. Next, go back to your pattern paper and switch it to a new style to see whether it will appear better. If you can’t do it, don’t worry. You can do this digitally. That’s the function of the layers. It’s like creating a huge Dagwood sandwich then deciding you need relish instead of pickles following the sandwich is already made. Having the layers, you can switch any element on the page any time you like.

14. Versatility

Think of any design you want and transform it into simply about anything you fancy. Alter the opacity to have it appear like vellum. Pinch the colors to attach a bit more red or blue. Increase or decrease the color saturation. Change it into anything you like.

15. Professionalism

Honestly, we all love homemade things. Nonetheless, if we can create it look in a professional manner, it would make us even more pleased with the creation. Present your digital scrapbook to various printers to have them printed professionally and bound. After that, show everybody how talented you actually are.

16. Kind on the Furniture

With digital scrapbooking, there will be no more hammering eyelets! There will be no more dents on your oak dining table. You’ll just have a very efficient working experience ever.

17. Endless Supplies

You should never allow yourself to run out of the supplies when utilizing a sticker kit again. Also, always ensure you have it in the ideal color, size and style. Having digital scrapbooking, you’ll never run out of your supplies any more. And who knows, maybe you’ll begin creating your own paper lines.

In conclusion, all these are the benefits you will enjoy when you try digital scrapbooking. This is why a lot of artists have embraced this move today. So, don’t remain behind!

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