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Using a Bullet Journal for College


Why do you need a bullet journal for college? Why wouldn’t you is the real question! Bullet journals help with time management and help students succeed with their lives. Now is the time you really should start the habit of journaling. Not only will this habit help you to stay focused, but in college time management is mandatory!

Your bullet journal (Bujo) biggest advantage is everything will be in one place, able to be accessed via multiple devices. No more post its, digital calendar tasks, Evernotes, etc.

Your Bullet Journal will come in handy when it comes to managing your time. Items not completed each day are easily moved to a future time/date. If an item is not important enough to migrate to the next day you will just drop it off your list. It will be easy to check off items as you go and even add in new items that pop up.

Rapid logging notes with the use of a key (specific bullet points) will help you move through your list faster.

For Example:

Bullet Journal Example
Bullet Journal Example

Each notation is used in front of each item in your bullet list and updated as you move through your day and during your weekly/monthly review.

Using your journal for note taking has a bonus when doing it in your bullet journal because all text is searchable. Notes do not just have to be from class, but can also be stand alone thoughts and ideas.

Tasks and Subtasks will help you stay on top of assignments and the progress of completing them:

Bullet Journal DailyAs you complete subtasks you can strikethrough and once entire task complete you can add the X bullet to close out entire task. Then just wait for the graded paper which you can add results to a grade graph page within your journal.

Want to learn how to journal and setup a journaling system from a master? From beginner to journaling expert, Life By Whitney’s “Journal You” is in incredible journaling course and lifetime resource.

Remembering events is critical for your social life – not to mention speaking events, volunteer opportunities, internships and more. Each opportunity you have can mean another “feather in your cap” when it comes to graduation. If there is a event you do not want to miss mark it in your bullet list with an “!”.

Keeping your social life on track can be a handful during college and can be a balancing act. You need to remember what your college goals are and set your priorities. You may see that every night in a given week you are invited somewhere, but you have 2 assignments due as well. Staying on point with your calendar will give you the habit of prioritizing your tasks at hand. Though you may miss one or two social activities, you could instead pass the class and not have to retake it.

Balancing your finances during college is a foundational skill you will use for the rest of your life. Get it wrong now and you will carry those choices into your career and personal life for years after. Keeping a budget will help you live within your means. By logging even the smallest amount into savings each week you can see those funds grow. Setting savings and spending goals will help you work towards other bucket list times such as vacations, visits home, or smaller student loan needs.

Being physically healthy will help you be a better student – Start logging your meal and fitness related activities. Even a simple reminder to get out and be active for 15 minutes a day will make a big difference. Set certain days to eat your greens or have 1 less RedBull. Tracking what foods you are eating might help you match up differences in the mood and energy levels. Parking in the back end of the lot could get you in the desired number of steps you choose to count daily. Even these little changes can help you with your critical thinking skills and give you more opportunities to be more productive during the day.

Using a digital journal is great for keeping your links orderly. Being able to hot link references in your notes, travel plans, reading list, and in other locations, makes retrieving that information so much easier. Desired information is simply a click away.

Save a note and take a photo! If your presenter is moving through the power point presentation too fast – just snap a photo of the slides as they come up – attach them to proper location in your journal and review and make better notes at your pace later in the day. Seeing the information a second time and taking notes will help lock that information in for future use.

Setting your goals to paper is the first step to accomplishing them. Just taking the time to make a list of what you want to get accomplished this month, year or even far into the future can set you in place to start working towards those goals. For example you can set a task to once a month give blood if your goal is to reach a 5 gallon donation in a certain period of time. Just that simple reminder in your calendar will be the push you need to remember to stop by and make that donation. You could even add a subtask to listen to your favorite podcast while donating, taking care of two things at once!

Often times we get sidetracked or forget things on our to do list just because we get over run with things to do. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the little items piling up and we forget to do something very important. Even a 5 minute call to Mom on her birthday, which seems small and easily remembered, can be missed if a buddy calls and invites you to the “game”. Using your bullet journal will help keep you on track, in focus and production.

Bullet journaling will take some time to learn and does take time to maintain. The positives include: better productivity, more focus, and the feeling of being more in control of your time. Taking the time to daily review your tasks means you will always be on top of class assignments and extra-curricular activities or projects. The 10-15 minutes a day you will spends on daily and weekly reviews will be well worth it when you knock off the unimportant tasks that can clog up your day. Staying focused on the most important activities to you will help you weed out those daily time-suckers.

Here are some sites that can help you when setting up your bullet journal as a student:

Well done article at College Info Geek https://collegeinfogeek.com/bullet-journal/

Article from Life is Messy and Brilliant  https://lifeismessyandbrilliant.com/bullet-journal-school-layout-setup/

We hope these tips will encourage you to start your digital bujo journey. College can be a challenging journey, but keeping focused and productive will make that crazy time in your life more manageable and successful.

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