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30 Must Have Bullet Journal Ideas


Do you love Bullet Lists?  Love keeping your wants, needs, desires and activities in a nice orderly fashion?  Check out our list of fun and useful items to track in your digital bullet journal!

Title Page – Make your cover page personal to your desires. Include your favorite photo(s), quotes, and colors. You will want to note what year your journal is for or if your journal goes into different years be sure to note dates, including months.

Your Personal Life Statement –Include the words that you live by. Everyone will have a different “motto”, if you are struggling with finding your own “mission statement” the internet is a great place to start researching one.  Mine is a quote by Teddy Roosevelt, “My rule is a simple one: Do the best that you can, with what you have, and do it now.”

Daily Detail List – Think about what you do every day as you do it and start making a list. If what time you get up and go to bed is important to you include it. What time you are taking your meals, tasks that you would like to complete and meetings you have that day can be included on this page. You can add in a section for your daily goals and thoughts – even time wasters.

Habit Tracker – This is a cool page idea.  List the things you want to do each day and check off when you have them completed. Items can include time for devotional, meditation, music practice, laundry, adding change to your savings jar, walk the dog, vacuum; just about anything you can think of that you want to be reminded to do daily.

What You Learned Today – Everyday is the opportunity to learn something new. Most often by the end of the day we may have forgotten what we should take away from each day. From learning that butterflies taste with their feet, to a useful formula in Excel. Anything learned and remembered increases the tools in your personal toolbox. Research has proven that by writing down what you have learned it aids in remembering that item.

Weekly Detail List – If you have a weekly meeting, appointment schedule, reminder to cut the grass. Having your week at a glance will be very helpful when you just need to skim over the most important items you need to address over the week. This is a good place to insert holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Goals – A Must Have! – Until you make a goal list your wants, needs and ideas they are just that. Put your goals in writing. You will need more than one list for this. You will want your short term goals (daily, weekly, monthly), your mid-term goals (quarterly, yearly), and a bucket list or long term goals (lifetime pursuits).

Monthly Review – So how did your month go? Did you workout every day? Did you have a goal to “pay it forward” once or twice? Did you call a loved one, or go to church each week? This is a great place to wrap up your past month and help you get on track for the next one!

Budget – We all have to track our finances. If you budget $20 a day for your lunch and you spend less regularly then you can see that you can adjust your budget. If you budget entertainment funds and are not taking the time to use them (this may be a hint you are working too much) you can make the extra effort to take the time to relax. Try to get in the habit of spending less than you are bringing in. Having a budget gives you a real time view of where your money is “disappearing” to when you are logging what you spend.

Book List – Your best friend told you about an amazing book that she just read, jot it down!  There is nothing like a good book! Making references for them is a great way to expand your reading selections.

Movie List – Sometimes the best movies never make it to the big theaters. There are wonderful stories that may show at local film festivals that you may learn about from a referral only. Keep a list and take the time to enjoy them!

Travel List – Your friend just got back from Paris and told you about a fantastic restaurant – Dreaming of a trip to Paris – make sure to add their recommendation to your list. List your dream destinations –learn about the best places to visit while you are there and put a goal date to visit them.

Restaurant List – Every city has many options for a great meal. New businesses are opening all around and many have amazing options. Don’t get in a rut ordering the same thing at the same place every week. Step out of the box and visit a new place you have added to your restaurant list. Great sources for where to go are Yelp, friends, & colleagues.

Bucket List – We all have those places we dream of going and things we dream of doing. Step one to successfully completing these desires is to write them down. These items could take a lifetime to complete. Every list will be different. Start yours and keep updating it. Look back over time and see where your dreams have taken you and how they have changed.

Favorite Quote(s) – Wisdom can be found through quotes. The quote does not have to come from a famous person. There may be something your Dad or Mom had said before heading off to college, or when you fell off your bike. If those words were heartfelt and have a meaning for you – write them down. Don’t trust your memory…

Prayer Journal – We all come in contact with a number of people throughout our day. Some that have needs and others that were a blessing to you. New relationships, jobs, health issues, babies are all options we may want to include in daily prayer and list in your journal. When you look back on these you may be surprised how situations resolved.

Gratitude Page – Be humble, be thankful. Living a life of gratitude keeps you humble. List the things you are grateful for each day.

Fitness – Meal Planner – Research shows that people that plan out their weekly meals find it much easier to reach their health and fitness goals.

Fitness – Activity – List your steps, reps and weights lifted. By doing this daily you can see how much stronger and healthier you have become over time.

Fitness – Weight Goals – if you weigh yourself regularly, log your changes. When you look back weekly at what you ate and what you did for physical activity you will see where you need to make your changes to meet your goals.

Fitness – Diet Rules – Everyone is looking for the eating routine that works for you – Some eat paleo, others follow a vegan lifestyle. No matter what your “diet” goals are you can jot down meal options here. If there are better choices for you on the menu where you are heading out to eat you might find it easier to have a list to help you decide. Having a quick list to refer back to will help you make choices to stay on point!.

Visual Progress Chart (s) – You do not have to just build list pages for your fitness activities. Charts are a great way to add visual impact to your journal. Pie or line charts in bright colors can really stand out.

Wish List/Things to Buy – Did you spot a sweet ride on the interstate,  or a great pair of shoes while window shopping?  Maybe it was an amazing light fixture for your dream home – keep a list.  Digital journals make it easy to include links and photos.

Birthday/Anniversary Reminders – You will never forget a date if you have it in your journal! Your parents will be impressed if you remember their anniversary and Grandma would love to get a card! Offering a greeting to your boss just might get you that promotion…you just never know!

Holiday Reminders – Do you forget the bank holidays? It is always good to remember that the post office will not be delivering on a certain day. Maybe you are visiting abroad and there is a holiday there you should take time to recognize…

Special Event Planning – Are you working on a family reunion, bridal shower or kid’s birthday? Do your planning in your journal. Having one page to keep all your notes, thoughts, meal planning, and guest list is a great way to pull the plan together!

Chore Chart – For either your chores or for the kids – having a chore chart for each member of the family will keep your home life running smooth (well as smooth as possible…).

Happiness List – What brought you joy? Did you receive flowers for no reason, did a co-worker buy you a cup of coffee or did a friend remember when you celebrated something special in your life? These special moments can be remembered for years to come if you jot them down!

Health Tracker – BP, Heart rate, Period, Mood tracking and more key health aspects are important to track if you want to get a picture of whether you are living a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping a journal to document any changes in your body will help you stay on a healthy track!

Volunteer Hours – Do you have a passion for giving back to your community? You might be surprised how much you do!. Reviewing your yearly numbers might surprise you! 

Do you have any ideas we missed that you think we should add to this list? Let us know! We would love to share all your ideas!

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